By Emily Cunningham

Clean Beauty Expert Series: Caitlin of Cambridge Naturals on Moringa Oil for Sensitive Skin

Caitlin (@soilandspirit) is the Body Care Department Lead and Buyer at Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA. In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys repurposing found objects, organizing, secondhand shopping, exploring new brands and educating herself on the latest leaps and issues regarding human and environmental health.

Skin Type: Hormonal/Sensitive (oily in the summer, dry in the winter)

Hair Type: Curly/Wavy with oily scalp and dry ends

How she incorporates moringa oil into her daily skincare routine:

I used to browse natural store aisles for hours; reading labels, analyzing ingredients, praising innovative packaging and purchasing great, new finds just for personal pleasure and piqued interest. Now, it’s my job to do so. Every day I walk through the doors at Cambridge Naturals, I am welcomed by beautiful products, their stories and an open opportunity to explore! This wonderful space has allowed me to try some of my “go to” beauty and body care products. Although I would love to have my self-care routine down to a simple science, there are simply just too many magical products for me to turn down!

Having hormonal imbalance, I find it critically important to dedicate time to self-care. Every morning, I drink a glass of room temperature water and follow up with a dry brushing session before jumping in the shower. This is a great way to stimulate digestion and the lymphatic system and let your body know that you’re awake and ready to begin the day. Once I’m in the shower, I lightly scrub my face with Ora’s Amazing Herbal Power Cleanse Intensive Face Mask & Scrub (@orasamazingherbal). This scrub is rich in charcoal and rosehips which really help my face look alive and radiant. From here, I wash and condition my hair with either Josh Rosebrook (@joshrosebrook) or Carina Organics (@carinaorganics), depending on which scent I’m feeling that day -- zesty or sweet! For summer days, I love J.R. Liggett’s Tea Tree and Herbal Shampoo Bar (@j.r.liggett) - it’s quick, easy, clarifying and makes for wild and free summer hair. Before turning the water to freezing cold (another great way to stimulate the lymphatic system), I wash my body with A Wild Soap Bar’s Pine Tar and Neem Oil bar soap (@awildsoapbar) which helps clarify any impurities that may have popped up.

After the shower, I make sure my True Moringa Refresh Oil is on the counter, softening as I bathe. I pump 2-4 times depending on how dry my skin is and what the weather is like that day. For warmer, wetter days I use a smaller amount. For dryer, colder days, I want to lock in as much moisture as I can get! I moisten my palms with the oil, inhale for a spa-like experience, and press the oil onto my face. Moringa oil is so lightweight that I can put my makeup on immediately, feeling primed and polished! I normally apply cosmetics while I’m waiting for my hair to air dry. Although I have been embracing a makeup-free face as of late, I am a dedicated RMS Beauty (@rmsbeauty) user when I do wear makeup -- “Un” Cover-Up in 11, Lip2Cheek in Modest, Eye Polish in Solar and lots of Living Luminizer, of course! Once my hair is dry, I apply Moringa Oil to the ends of my hair to keep any dry ends fresh and moisturized. Moringa Oil is perfect for hair maintenance because it leaves my hair feeling totally non-greasy and gorgeous!

As my days come to a close, I oil cleanse with local brand, Fresh Face’s Replenishing Face Wash (@athialandry), concoct an evanhealy (@evanhealy) clay mask with a Rose Petal Hydrosoul base (Green Tea Clay if I have breakouts, and Rose Clay any other day to balance my skin). After washing the mask off, I end my night by applying Organic Bath Co.’s (@organicbathco) Nourish Night Balm and let my pores revel in this magic while I sleep.

To top it all off, staying hydrated is key to inner and outer beauty! My secret for hydration is lots and lots of nettle tea with a spoonful of Dandelion-Leek Miso for a savory, satisfying and nourishing treat throughout the day.