By Emily Cunningham

Clean Beauty Expert Series: Andie The Green Queen's Moringa Powered Routine

Andie is the founder of The Green Queen, a cruelty free, plant based, beauty & lifestyle blog and YouTube channel. Follow her on Instagram

Skin Type: Dry 

Hair Type: Curly 

I am from the Boston area, which is how I met Emily, one of the co-founders of True Moringa. Before meeting Emily, I had never heard of moringa. True Moringa opened my eyes and enthralled me with such information on this so called “miracle tree.” Once I did my research into moringa oil, it was a definite that I needed to add it into my routine. I would love to share with you how moringa fits into my beauty care routine, so just keep on reading!


  • In the mornings I love to apply some of the Lavender moringa oil into the ends of my hair to reduce frizziness. Moringa oil also adds some much needed shine when my hair is looking dull. I have dry, unruly, large, long curly hair, so I need some help from my friends, aka, oils! Moringa is a great oil to add to your haircare routine especially if you have split ends.


  • In my morning routine I don’t put anything on my face except aloe water. Over the years I have found that less is definitely more when it comes to taking care of my skin.
  • Night time is where all the skincare action happens in my house! If I wore makeup throughout the day, I like to oil cleanse. Right now I am using the Lavender Moringa oil to cleanse with. Just simply apply the oil to the skin, rub it into your face, and then use a wet, warm/hot cloth to steam your face until the cloth becomes cold. Simply wipe off the makeup, et voila!
  • If I haven’t worn makeup, which is most days, I wash my face with a very gentle face wash which changes from time to time. Currently I am using Osea Ocean cleanser. The Osea cleanser is amazing at sloughing off dead skin cells without stripping your skin. After washing my face I will moisturize. There’s nothing better than slathering oils onto dry skin! To anyone else who has dry skin, I know they can agree with me. Two of my favorite moisturizers are True Moringa Lavender oil and Earthwise Beauty Ferns & Moss. Among many amazing ingredients, Ferns and Moss also contains moringa oil. Both of these moisturizers are extremely nourishing, plumping, brightening, and calming to the skin. I then apply Earthwise Beauty Passion eye serum under my eyes for added moisture.
  • Some nights I like to take a few extra steps and pamper myself. For hair masks, I usually like to apply hemp oil mixed with the True Moringa lavender oil. These oils are both filled with nutrients to replenish your hair. When I am waiting for the oils to do their job, I usually do a facial steam. Right now I am obsessed with Earthwise Beauty’s Aphrodite steam. This steam contains carefully wildcrafted herbs that are beneficial for the skin. Once I am done steaming my face, I usually follow up with a face mask. My favorite face mask that I can’t stop raving about is the Josh Rosebrook Antioxidant Cacao mask.


Thanks for reading, and let us know how you incorporate moringa into your beauty routine.