• 2023 Year in Review

    2023 Year in Review

    Thank you for being a part of our journey in 2023 - we can’t wait to share all we have planned for 2024!
  • 10 Years of True Moringa

    10 Years of True Moringa

    Over the past ten years, we’ve put your dollars to work for people and the planet.
    As we celebrate our tenth birthday month, here’s a look back on ten things we’ve done together...
  • 3 Women Making Sweet Valentine Treats & Changing Food Systems in Ghana

    3 Women Making Sweet Valentine Treats & Changing Food Systems in Ghana

    If you’ve followed the ups and downs of our journey so far, you know how much we believe in the importance of creating an equitable supply chain for farmers and creating value added processing and jobs locally in Ghana and how challenging it can be. Meet three incredible women and their businesses who are facing these challenges head on

  • 2022 in Review

    2022 in Review

    We’re so grateful you journeyed with us this year! Here are a few of our favorite moments from 2022: 1. Empowering True Moringa Scholars With your generosity, we raised funds to support 5 full college scholarships for our farmers and their...

  • True Community Fund Clean Water Initiative

    True Community Fund Clean Water Initiative

    Over the past 9 years, we have worked with the community to build a holistic support system for our farmers - providing income, agricultural training, and financial literacy. In 2020, we launched our True Community Fund to implement projects that improve the communities where our farmers live and work. Thanks to your generosity, this fund has enabled the renovation of a health center, the provision of small cash grants to farmers during COVID, and a higher education scholarship program.

    This year, our farming communities and our outreach team members have identified another vital need - access to clean water. 

  • 8 Ways to Use Moringa Oil

    8 Ways to Use Moringa Oil

    Used for centuries in traditional herbal remedies, moringa has 92 essential nutrients and 46 antioxidants with incredible benefits for health and topical skincare.

    Moringa seeds contain a highly nutritive, lightweight oil that complements the skin's natural sebum to nourish dry skin, restoring balance, glow, texture, and tone, outperforming argan, jojoba, and shea.

    Here's how to use moringa oil in your daily routine...