By Afterpay Key

An In-Depth Look At Our Supply Chain and What Makes It Different

True Moringa doesn’t just create unique, high-quality moringa oil-based products, we’re creating a whole network of like-minded producers and consumers, across continents that care about clean, natural consumption, and ethical production.

Let’s take a look at the journey of a moringa seed, and how each bottle of True Moringa moringa oil contributes to the empowerment of rural farmers in Ghana.

A seed is planted.

Our Agricultural Extension Agents (often former moringa farmers themselves) train new farmers in environmentally sustainable growing techniques to plant high yielding moringa trees. These Extension Agents provide support and inputs, including moringa seeds, to farmers throughout the lifecycle of the trees.

A tree grows.

The farmers incorporate the moringa in their gardens and fields, increasing their own soil fertility, and reaping other benefits of this incredible tree. After a year, the tree will begin to produce seeds of its own.


When the seeds are mature, the farmers will collect their moringa seeds and sell them back to the Agricultural Extension Agent at a fair price.  The Extension Agents will then transport the seeds to Accra, Ghana’s capital city.


In Accra, the seeds will be received at our processing facility, built from scratch by our founders, and employing youth from around the city. There they are cold-pressed for oil, and the shells are recycled and remain in Ghana for further agricultural use. The oil is transported to the US.


The natural, cold-pressed moringa oil is received at our headquarters in Boston, where it is repackaged and formulated with other fine ingredients, to bring you True Moringa!

In this completely vertically integrated system, our product is being handled by trusted members of the True Moringa community, 100% of the time. There are no middlemen or companies collecting payment for outsourced work, which means more of each dollar spent is making its way directly into the hands of farmers and producers.

We keep all stages of oil production in Ghana, adding value on site and creating employment opportunities for at-risk populations like rural farmers and urban youth, and reducing our carbon footprint overall.

The techniques we extend to our farmers encourage environmental stewardship while providing access to global markets that are increasingly conscious of sustainable supply networks.

We do all this to bring the best possible product to your home, and to help you make the biggest possible impact with each purchase you make.