By Nwadiogo Quartey-Ngwube

A Step by Step Guide to Oil Cleansing (Dos and Don'ts)

I have dry, sensitive and normal skin. With three skin types on one body I'm always looking for products that can cater to my entire body at the same time. When I heard about oil cleansing I was excited to find that not only can I cleanse my face, I can use the same oil afterwards to moisturize. Give it a shot!


Oil cleansing is the process of applying good oils to your skin to take off the bad oils. The bad oils are oils naturally found on your skin that have hardened with the impurities they trapped. Because oil dissolves oil, applying oil to your skin dissolves the hardened oil on your skin, replacing it, and leaving your skin radiant and soft. The new oils pull out dirt without clogging your pores and they contain anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients. Oil cleansing can work on all skin types.


Oil cleansing will deep clean your skin while balancing its oil production. Don’t wash your face beforehand. You’ll need:

When choosing your oils, consider your skin type and what it needs. Always test your skin first to see how you’ll react. Introduce new oils to your skin slowly. If you have sensitive skin, start off by finding your perfect carrier oils before adding essential oils (if you choose to). Essential oils are frequently misused and can cause skin irritation and burns if not used and diluted correctly. Choosing your carrier oils first will let you know if anything goes wrong later with newly added ingredients. It is normal to go through a trial and error phase while putting together your ideal oil blend. Our Simplicity All-Purpose Oil is ideal to use on its own, or as a non-comedogenic base to formulate your own oil cleansing blend.  

OILY & ACNE PRONE SKIN:                                                                 

Many people think that if you have oily skin you should avoid oil on your face at all costs. That’s not the case. Many products that strip your skin of its natural oils actually make the problem worse because your skin may try and produce more oil to replace what you’ve stripped away. It can become a vicious cycle. When dealing with oily skin, use our Passion All-Purpose Moringa Oil - pure moringa oil blended with neroli essential oil. Neroli is a citrus oil pressed from orange blossoms, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to promote healthy, supple skin. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties reduce inflammation and redness and even skin tone. Neroli oil supports the production of collagen and the growth of healthy skin cells. The combination of moringa oil and neroli soothes scars and combats the signs of premature aging.


Our Tranquility All-Purpose Moringa Oil with Lavender is ideal for calming and nourishing dry and mature skin. The combination of Moringa oil and Lavender essential oil nourishes skin and prevents flakiness and balances skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties fight the free radicals that cause premature aging


3-Step Oil Cleanse

  1. Apply your oil blend to your face and give your face a gentle massage. There’s no time limit. Make sure you focus on your problem areas and relax.
  2. Follow up your massage with a warm, clean towel to massage the oil off of your face. The water should be hot enough to steam your face, but don’t burn it! Repeat until your face feels clean and refreshed!
  3. If needed, moisturize your face with a little bit more oil, or your favorite moisturizer.

Don’t try and counteract with harsh facial products. It will make the process longer than it has to be!