By Emily Cunningham


The brisk and unpredictable fall weather reassures me that winter will be just as unforgiving. Gear up for the icy cold weather and make sure to have True Moringa oil on hand to ward off cracked and flaky skin.

If you have never used facial oils during cold weather, this is the first thing you should consider. It is proven that facial oils have a lot of benefits than can give a boost to your regular facial moisturizer- especially when combating the dry air that winter usually brings. Oils are a natural fat that your skin can absorb easily. Due to the high levels of essential fatty acids, Moringa oil aides in fighting premature aging by combating free radicals. It also nourishes your skin and helps heal and alleviate minor skin rashes and burns with antioxidants and assists in eliminating dark spots. 

You can create a facial oil mixture to address the needs of your skin by mixing an essential oil for fragrance such as rose, lavender, or chamomile oil and moringa oil. I find that rose oil has such a decadent aroma, and loved using it in my mixture with the moringa oil. For those with oily skin, you will be surprised to know that oil combats oil, meaning, that the use of facial oils will significantly balance out the amount of oil that your face produces. Having super-food power and being multipurpose, moringa oil can be used on all skin types. 


After washing your face, gently pat your face with a cloth to remove excess water. Having a slightly damp face ensures that your skin will absorb the oil. Using just a few drops of the oil alone, or your mixture, apply evenly on the face and décolletage to ensure good coverage. Or, on the areas where you are prone to flaking. Within a couple of weeks of usage, you should notice a brighter and even skin tone as well as supple skin. 

I had a terrible scar on my face after succumbing to picking a blackhead. I knew that I would have a terrible scar and was devastated that it was uglier than I expected. Once I applied the oil to my cleaned face, both morning and night, I noticed that my scar started to fade in just 2 weeks of consistent usage. What was more delightful was noticing that my skin tone evened out and was significantly brighter and moisturized. Unlike a few other facial oils that I’ve used, moringa oil does not leave my skin greasy. It is now my go-to oil for winter that I share with my family.

Moringa oil is strong enough to breakdown the cold shoulder of winter weather to leave your skin hydrated and moisturized. The season will surly come, but your skin doesn’t have to suffer.



Monifa Hewitt is a fashion, beauty, & lifestyle writer. Follow her on twitter to stay up to date on the latest lifestyle trends