By Emily Cunningham


If dry hands and dry cuticles are a problem for you especially during the fall and winter months, you may want to give True Moringa oil a try. Read on to learn how to protect your nails this season! 

To achieve the best long lasting manicure, you want to make sure that your nail beds are completely dry before applying primer. Swipe the beds of your nails with a lightly soaked Q-tip, cotton ball, or paper towel with nail polish remover, to make sure the nail is clean and dry.

Apply your color of choice (I recommend Sweet Potato Pie since Thanksgiving is right around the corner) then, apply your top coat. After your nails are dry, apply True Moringa to replace the oil lost from using nail polish remover by massaging the oil into your cuticles to help prevent those annoying, painful hangnails. Work the True Moringa into your hands as well, give your knuckles some attention, and massage the oil in the webs of your fingers. Use the same technique when you give yourself a pedicure too. Be sure to give the balls of your feet and your heels some True Moringa love.

True Moringa is the perfect moisturizer to pair with your next D.I.D. Nail Paint mani or pedi because it is cold pressed, not synthetic, not mixed, contains no fillers, and contains no parabens.

As an added bonus, you can try both D.I.D. Nail Paint and True Moringa for 10% off! Use the code: DIDLOVESTRUEMORINGA when you check out at and when you check out at so you can make the most out of your next manicure!

Paint the perfect expression of you – and keep those hands moisturized too!

- Adrienne, Chief Executive Nailologist at D.I.D.