By Emily Cunningham


I was recently lucky enough to be introduced to wonderful True Moringa oil that has been making the waves in the world of folks on the hunt for the next new health product. 

I have to admit that a few years ago, my brother-in-law introduced me to the Moringa plant. It was being researched as a new solution to malnutrition in developing countries as every part of the plan is nutrient-rich and can be used for food. At that point, he had signed up to be a distributor and wanted to bring me on board. I took the time to research the plant and what I saw truly corroborated the claim that it was a miracle plant.

I have been using it in the past week as a night oil. Night oils have this ability to nourish your skin while you sleep, giving it what I call that “juicy youthful look” in the morning. I sometimes simply wash my face with cold water in the mornings after I had a light oil on to keep some of the moisture. 

My normal skin day routine is to cleanse, tone, serum, vitamin A and sunscreen. At night, I follow a similar routine after using cold cream to remove any makeup, adding night cream and omitting the sunscreen. I have swapped my night cream with True Moringa Oil, unscented. So far I have not seen any breakouts and the oil is light enough to absorb into my skin. I add the oil immediately after cleansing while my skin is still damp to seal in the moisture.

I would suggest anyone who applies oil to their skin to make sure to cleanse and tone ( using your favorite toner, witch hazel is mine) to keep the pores clear, preventing breakouts. Toning should be part of your daily routine, but I think it’s even more important when you apply oils or makeup on a regular basis. So far so good, and I am looking forward to seeing how my skin fares with the moringa nightly treatment.

- Garonne 

Garonne is the creator of Sankofa Power, a movement harnessing wisdoms of the past to be healthy, happy and mindful beings.