By True Moringa

10 Years of True Moringa

Over the past ten years, we’ve put your dollars to work for people and the planet.
As we celebrate our tenth birthday month, here’s a look back on ten things we’ve done together:

1. Served over 5000 farmers - Provided a guaranteed market, farmer training, and financial literacy to over 5000 farmers. Every month, we’re creating new opportunities for farmers on our organic farm. 

2. Planted over 3 million trees - Each order plants a tree in your name, and together we have planted over 3 million trees

3. Invested in climate smart agriculture - together, we’ve built the largest solar-powered organic farm in West Africa

4. Invested in local processing - 98% of our team is based in Ghana where we transform the produce from our farms into nourishing natural ingredients.

5. Provided Access to Inclusive Finance - Our Village Savings & Loan association groups serve as micro-banks for True Moringa farmers who previously lacked access to financial services. Since the program’s inception in 2018, our farmers have saved and lent over $500,000

6. Built clean water infrastructure Together, we provided clean drinking water to 700 people in the Basabasa community and raised the funds to repair wells in five surrounding communities.

7. Launched Scholarship funding With your generosity, we raised funds to support 7 scholarships for our farmers and their family members pursuing higher education. These students are pursuing degrees in nursing, business, teaching, and journalism, and all plan to return to their local community of New Longoro to give back upon graduating from their programs.

8. Provided Access to health care - With your help, we completely renovated our local health center in New Longer, Ghana and provided lifesaving medical equipment. Our team enrolls True Moringa farmers in national health insurance coverage.

9. Made moringa a household name We have introduced moringa to Whole Foods, Macy’s, Thrive Market, HSN, and dozens of independent stores in your communities and spread the word about moringa in Essence, Allure, Forbes, Bloomberg, Cosmopolitan, Elle and more, manufacturing hundreds of thousands of products that are good for you and the planet

10. Piloted Regenerative Agriculture - We planted vegetables, nuts, and staple crops, prioritizing soil health, biodiversity, and practices that will keep farmland thriving for generations to come.