By True Moringa

2023 Year in Review

A Look Back at 2023...

🌶️ Spicing up the farm - Recently, we’ve been asking ourselves - what if farmers could plant herbs, spices, & vegetables alongside their moringa tree crops to improve soil health and biodiversity while earning more income per acre? With your help, we supported women farmers with the tools and training they needed to cultivate organic chili pepper. Stay tuned for our first harvest in January!

🏭 A new home for our factory - we moved out of our original factory and into a new facility with twice the processing capacity. Today, we’re proud to provide 75 non-farm jobs in Ghana along our supply chain.

true moringa retailers

🛍️ Bringing True Moringa to a store near you - True Moringa found a home on shelves of new stores across the country. Find your local store here, or shop online at Thrive Market, HSN, Macy’s, and Beautyologie.

💪🏾🌿Bigger and better moringa powder - We launched our supersized moringa powder - a complete vegan protein designed to give your smoothies, breakfast bowls, and meals an extra boost of nutrition. We’re so proud that this product is 100% made by our team in Ghana - grown on our organic solar powered farm, dried, milled, and packaged locally in Accra.

🌱 Raising the bar for biodiversity in beauty - We were recognized by New Hope as representing the next generation of clean beauty for our investments in equitable sourcing and regenerative agriculture. Our True Moringa Simplicity Facial Oil was named as a standout high performing botanical product

💰 Creating community wealth - We helped farmers create $240,000 in savings and loans through our Village Savings & Loan Association (VSLA) program. Today, we have 106 active VSLA groups - micro banks formed by our farming families to save and invest the earnings from their farms.

👶🏽Our family grows! - On a personal note, co-founder & CEO Kwami welcomed baby Nari this September!

Thank you for being a part of our journey in 2023 - we can’t wait to share all we have planned for 2024!