• True Moringa Scholarship Donation 2023 - True Moringa
  • True Moringa Scholarship Donation 2023 - True Moringa
  • True Moringa Scholarship Donation 2023 - True Moringa
  • True Moringa Scholarship Donation 2023 - True Moringa

True Moringa Scholarship Donation 2023

Last Mother's Day with your support, we raised $2000 to pay for a year of tuition and fees for five True Moringa farmers and their family members pursuing higher education. This year, with your help we will raise another $2000 to fund a new cohort of students in our farming community pursuing higher education and expand the program to cover school fees for farmers with high school and grade school children. Read their stories and help us reach our goal below. 

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meet our 2023 applicants

Public Health Scholarship: Meet Nicholas Bonseh

My name is Nicholas Bonseh and I am 22 years of age.  I completed secondary school in 2019 with good grades but due to financial challenges I started my tertiary education late as a self funded student. After secondary school, I worked with a local bank as a mobile banker for two years to raise money which I used to buy my university application form and pay for my admission fees.

My academic life has been rough since I started school. I started paying for my school fee from secondary school. At secondary school, the school fee wasn't that much, so I sold charcoal every vacation to raise money to pay my school fees and buy my basic needs. Things became tough in my two years at tertiary because of the volume of money I need to pay as fees, food, and rent accommodation.

As a result of this pressure in school, I was compelled to take up a night security guard job in addition to schooling. The grades I obtain fall far below my potential which result from the financial pressure on me.  I am determined to change this narrative with education by working in the public health services with the knowledge I acquire. 

The living condition of my parents is gradually improving since they decided to move and settle at New Longoro and started working with True Moringa. I believe the True Moringa scholarship will be a real game changer in my life and the lives of my family.  

business scholarship: meet Augustina Niweiso 

My name is Augustina Niweiso, the first of my mother's 7 children. Like many of my friends and others before me, girls tend to get pregnant at an early age and are given off for marriage in my community, but I have always felt the desire to pursue higher education.

I have been fortunate to benefit from various government-sponsored interventions for girls' education. Unfortunately, my mum who has been my backbone all these years simply did not have the means to help finance my tertiary education. It was when she joined True Moringa that some hope was sparked in me again. She was able to save money and with contributions from various donors helped me to apply for a Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Cape Coast.

Life on campus has been tough and I am occasionally barred from writing quizzes as a result of non-payment of fees, this has affected my grades and made academic work difficult. With this scholarship, I will finally have the peace of mind to study and excel. With this degree, I can finally pursue a career in business and human resource management. This I am hopeful will inspire other young girls in the community as well.

support the general scholarship fund

The General Scholarship fund will provide support to farming families with children in high school or grade school. 

success stories

Last year with your help, True Moringa paid one year of tuition and fees for five students pursuing higher education. We'll continue to add updates throughout the year

Hilda Donteageme

My school will not allow a student to write any form of examination if the student does not satisfy the fee requirement for the semester. I was driven out of the examination hall on two occasions in my previous semesters due to unpaid fees. 

The power of the True Moringa Scholarship resonates on the excellent grades I attained from my nurses' licensure examination. 

 I am very excited to say that True Moringa has contributed immensely to my education.

I have completed my nursing course and currently await posting.

I pray for the continued success of the company so they can extend this very important help to other struggling students.