100% Pure Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil 

From farm to skin, we have perfected the process of producing the highest cold-pressed moringa oil nature has to offer. We're proud to partner with some of the finest natural beauty companies from around the world as their supplier of organically cultivated, cold-pressed moringa oleifera seed oil. 

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100% natural unrefined Moringa oleifera seed oil with no chemical additives, cold pressed in a heat-controlled environment to preserve the oil’s color, nutritional quality, and crucial fatty acid and protein structures.


Moringa oil is rich in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, collagen, and vitamins A, C, and E making it an effective moisturizing and anti-aging solution in skin care products. Moringa Oil absorbs quickly into the skin and infuses easily into body creams, soaps, massage oils, and other skincare products. Moringa oil has a low, natural scent, effectively holds volatile scents, and blends with other oils making it an ideal stabilizing ingredient in perfumes. An ideal carrier oil, Moringa has a high slip value (82.5 degrees) and a low spread value (15.5 percent). The fatty acid composition effectively treats skin blemishes and dry skin, improves the permeability of skin, and conditions and strengthens hair. Moringa oil is highly resistant to oxidative degradation with an OSI of 130 hours. 



True Moringa seeks to eradicate rural poverty and malnutrition by connecting smallholder farmers to the global market for high value crops. Our focus is the Moringa tree, known locally as “the miracle tree” for its economic, nutritional, and medicinal value.


Our social impact is in direct relationship with our consistent high quality. We believe that empowering smallholder farmers with globally valuable and locally useful crops will not only combat poverty, but create robust and sustainable supply chains to better serve a global consumer. To this end, we manage the entire supply chain, from the field to the finished product.

Our process combines permaculture techniques cutting-edge technology and proprietary miniaturized processing system empowering small farming families to cultivate and harvest moringa seeds. 


  • We provide high quality inputs and upfront agricultural capital investment such as seeds, fertilizer, fencing, and irrigation to mitigate risk for small farmers.

  • We provide training (nutrition workshops, organic cultivation techniques, soap making) to help farmers maximize the benefits of cultivating Moringa.

  • We aggregate and pay farmers directly for their seeds at the highest price per kilo of any crop cultivated in Ghana and coordinate transportation to our centralized processing center in Accra 

  • Using cold-pressing technologies and filtration systems we have designed in-house and tailored specifically to Moringa oil production, we process our oil in-country, adding value and creating jobs in-country for unemployed youth.

  • In partnership with top local universities, we conduct analyses of our oil to ensure each batch meets the quality standards of the global marketplace.

    who we are

    In January of 2013, Kwami Williams and Emily Cunningham found themselves working in rural Ghana by different paths.

    Emily was studying development economics at Harvard, frustrated by the disconnect between the information in her textbooks and realities in the developing world.

    Born and raised in Ghana, Kwami and his family immigrated to the US at the age of 8. By 2012, he was living the American Dream having graduated from MIT with a degree in aerospace engineering and starting a career at NASA when a mentor challenged him to return to his native Ghana.

    meet the moringa tree

    It was here that the pair were introduced to the moringa tree. NGOs encouraged farmers to cultivate moringa for the nutritional benefits - gram for gram, the leaves of the tree contain more iron than spinach, more protein than yogurt, and more calcium than milk. But farmers didn’t have a way to earn a living cultivating moringa - no access to market.

    So Kwami and Emily took the unused part of the tree - the seeds- back to their labs at MIT and figured out how to cold-press the moringa seeds into a nourishing oil that outperforms argan, jojoba, and shea.

    Together, we set about building True Moringa with the mission of doing wellness differently. We believe that being healthy should be simple, affordable, and accessible to all.


    Your skincare ingredients grow here!

    5000 farmers. 3 million trees planted.

    We envision a future in which all ingredients sourced by skincare and wellness brands provide transformative impact to the people and planet that produce them. 

    Plant a tree in your name here and search your order number here to see where your tree is planted and learn more about the farmer who benefits

    We take a three pronged approach to ethical production through our farming, manufacturing, and product development


    • Climate Smart Agriculture

      Your skincare is powered by solar! Our farm is home to West Africa's largest solar-powered irrigation project. Moringa trees are drought resistant, require little water, and capture 20x the carbon of other vegetation. We use a regenerative agriculture approach to protect soil health and increase biodiversity.


      Community members who typically lack access to land are allotted a plot on our farm and given access to irrigation, organic certification, agricultural training, and wrap around services like child care, scholarship funding, health insurance, and more. These programs increased womens' participation in lucrative tree crop farming from 0% to 40%.

    • Building Community Wealth

      True Moringa Farmers organize themselves into small groups of 30 members to form Village Savings and Loan Associations - micro banks through which members learn financial literacy skills, save their earnings from their moringa farms, and lend to other members at low interest rates. For every $1 invested in VSLAs, $10 of community wealth is generated.

    Award winning ingredients made with love in ghana

    • cold-pressed moringa oil

      Too often, commodities like cocoa and coffee are extracted from developing countries and all of the value addition is done in western countries. 98% of our team is from Ghana and based in Ghana full time where we cold press our moringa oil and mill our organic moringa powder. By creating jobs and adding value locally, we are shifting this paradigm. 

    • moringa powder - true moringa


      Too often commodities like cocoa and coffee are extracted from developing countries and all of the value addition is done in western countries. 98% of our team is from Ghana and based in Ghana full time where we cold press our moringa oil and mill our organic moringa powder. By creating jobs and adding value locally, we are shifting this paradigm. 

    superfood powered formulas backed by science

    Our award winning formulas are always vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, but they are also packed with superfood nutrients backed by science and centuries of local knowledge. 

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    • <3 Team True Moringa

    • <3 Team True Moringa

    • <3 Team True Moringa