By True Moringa

What Hair Removal Method is Right For Me?

Men do it. Women do it. But we don’t all do it the same way. Hair removal. Our choices for hair removal can be determined by price, convenience and even pain threshold. Check out a few options and see which one fits in best with your lifestyle and your wallet.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a process of hair removal intended to permanently rid you of hair in selected areas. The method works by destroying your hair follicles.

People with darker toned skin will want to ask the hair removal center of their choice about the success rates for them. Some lasers work better on darker-haired people with light complexions because it is easier for those machines to find those hair follicles. However, success varies depending on the lasers available. The practice you choose may have equipment created or better suited to darker tones.

People with fair coloured hair may be turned away from the treatment because the lasers available may not be able to detect the hair. All in all, not all lasers are created equal so be informed before you go under.

Laser hair removal requires several sessions. If these sessions are not completed in full the hair will likely grow back and the process may have to be restarted. Overall, this can be a very expensive method.


Shaving is probably the most convenient hair removal method on this list. You can buy a handful of razors and keep them in your bathroom forever-ready for when you need to smoothen things out. You don’t need to make any appointments for professionals and if you choose not to buy shaving cream (or if you run out) you can easily use hair conditioner instead.

Unfortunately you can’t use the same razor forever, so when thinking of costs bare in mind either the blade or razor will need to be replaced periodically.


Waxing is a painful method but provides great longer-lasting results than shaving. Over time it’s said that the pain reduces over time but then pain is relative.

You don’t need a professional to do it for you but it’s probably a good idea as they have the experience and can probably see certain areas better than you can. Waxing in the short term is cheaper than laser hair removal but overtime it may become more expensive because it has to be done roughly every month. Do not shave between appointments.


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal credited with starting in Asia and the Middle East. Thread is used to pull hair from the follicle, very much like waxing. It can be a more sanitary option than waxing because only the thread touches your skin. With waxing there are more tools involved so potentially more potential hygiene hazards.

A favorite for eyebrow shaping, threading allows more precision in shaping the hair you want to keep compared to the other methods above. It’s the most difficult method to do yourself, not counting laser treatment.