By True Moringa

Celebrating True Beauty

At True Moringa, we have a saying.

We believe that natural beauty is true beauty. We believe that true beauty starts at the source.

Rather than selling makeup and cosmetics meant to hide imperfections, all of our products help expose your own natural beauty. So to celebrate true beauty, which exists in all of us, we’re highlighting three incredible women who are challenging beauty stereotypes by flaunting their flawlessness in the face of conventional beauty expectations.

Khoudia Diop

From being bullied and exiled as a child for her cosmicly dark skin, Khoudia Diop has transformed into a successful model and Instagram sensation: The Melanin Goddess.

The New York-based model grew up in Senegal, West Africa, a country where nearly two thirds of the women use skin lightening creams because they associate lighter skin with beauty. Even while the women around her were trying to convince her to bleach her skin—a process that not only eats away women’s already lower incomes, but has been associated with a buildup of toxic substances in users’ bodies—Khoudia recognized her unique skin tone as something gorgeous to be celebrated.

Khoudia embodies natural beauty in every way, from her curly hair to her glowing skin. Just check out some of her photos on social media and see if you aren’t captivated by that infectious smile.

Photos from Khoudia Diop's Instagram


Described as a body positive, feminist singer, Lizzo has a message for women struggling to fit into society’s box (also known as a size 2): girl, you look good as hell.

The plus-size singer/songwriter/rapper’s album Coconut Oil (maybe the follow up will be called Moringa Oil!) dropped on inauguration day—though she defends that her message of love, for all people, shouldn’t be political. She’ll continue her positive activism this year as a headliner at Nashville’s Pride Festival, and by raising awareness through the likes of her #myskin twitter campaign, and her bad ass dance troupe including women of all shapes and sizes.

Photos from Lizzo's Instagram 

Harnaam Kaur

For much of her childhood, Harnaam Kaur’s beard was a source of deep shame and embarrassment. She was bullied to the point of feeling suicidal in her teens, until she had a moment of clarity, realizing how beautiful a woman she truly was, despite and because of her so-called “lady beard.”

For years after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (causing her to grow excess facial and body hair) she would wax and try to painfully remove this seemingly abnormal part of herself. Now, embracing everything true and natural about her body, Kaur is a body confidence and anti-bullying advocate. She collaborates with magazines and fashion and beauty labels that are interested in redefining the boundaries of beauty, and she has taken part in some incredible photo shoots that prove that femininity and facial hair aren’t mutually exclusive.

Photos from Harnaam Kaur's Instagram