By True Moringa

True Community Fund Clean Water Initiative

Over the past 9 years, we have worked with the community to build a holistic support system for our farmers - providing income, agricultural training, and financial literacy. In 2020, we launched our True Community Fund to implement projects that improve the communities where our farmers live and work. Thanks to your generosity, this fund has enabled the renovation of a health center, the provision of small cash grants to farmers during COVID, and a higher education scholarship program.

This year, our farming communities and our outreach team members have identified another vital need - access to clean water. 

Across the developing world, diarrheal diseases resulting from contaminated water are a leading cause of death - taking 1.8 million lives per year. According to the World Bank, only 16% of the population in rural Ghana are using safely managed drinking water sources. 

In response, our True Community Fund launched a pilot project this fall initiated by True Moringa farmers in the community of Basabasa in Bono East Region of Ghana to construct a well to provide clean water for over 700 people that previously had no potable water. 

Constructing a well is the first step, but maintenance is an equally important, often missing piece. Many of our communities have an existing clean water source or well that has fallen into disrepair. Without the funds, access to locally available machine parts, or training on maintenance of equipment, clean water remains inaccessible to communities. 

For just a fraction of the cost of creating a new well, our outreach team can provide access to clean water to hundreds of True Moringa farming families and their communities.   

This holiday season, we are raising a $2000 fund to repair existing wells in 5 True Moringa farming communities. True Moringa outreach team members will work with our farmers to create a maintenance plan and follow up regularly to ensure the wells are up and running and providing clean water to our farmers and their communities. 

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