By True Moringa

Powered by True Moringa: Axiology

To say we're obsessed with Axiology's gorgeous cruelty-free vegan lipsticks would be an understatement. might imagine how head-over-heels we were when Axiology's founder Ericka asked if she could include True Moringa oil in her lip crayons. Axiology honors a deep commitment to the planet, to the people they work with, and to making beautiful, effective natural products. We sat down with Ericka to learn her tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, more about her brand and vision, and why moringa oil works so well in her gorgeous new lippies:
Tell us a bit about your brand mission and vision - what motivated you to start Axiology? 
I started Axiology after discovering the horrors of animal testing in the United States. This is still a common practice in the cosmetics and personal care industry. My vision for Axiology was to create a natural, vegan, and cruelty free cosmetics line that had the ethical components I care about while also maintaining high performance and rich colorants. 
You just launched in Sephora! How has that been for the brand? Any challenges along the way?  
It's been great so far! We are really happy about this collaboration. Lots of challenges, of course. 
Tell us a bit about your moringa-powered product - what does it do and why did you choose moringa oil as an ingredient? 
Our natural lip crayons contain moringa oil. The crayons have a high color payoff and the moringa oil helps guide the colorant on your lips. They keep lips soft and supple. 
Why did you want to work with True Moringa? 
Our ingredient deck is very important to us. When we learned about the story of True Moringa, we knew we had to find a way to use it in our lipsticks. We strive to be ethical in all aspects of our business, ingredients included. 
Do you use moringa oil in your hair or skincare routine? What's your personal selfcare or beauty routine? 
Truthfully, all of our moringa oil is at our shop and I have yet to bring some home for myself. I would like to start though! My personal routine is minimal. I wash my face, apply sunscreen and put on some Axiology lipstick! 
Any funny stories to share from your early startup days?  
I moved to Bali during the early days of starting Axiology in order to keep costs down and connect with fellow entrepreneurs (Ubud is known for its entrepreneur community). I packed all my oils and butters into one giant suitcase. Turns out, avocado butter can be used to hide and make weapons so I was heavily searched. I had to explain over and over again that I make lipstick! 
What's one thing people might not know about you? 
My house is usually full of foster babies such as rabbits and kittens! 
What's next for Axiology? 
We are adding more products to our line in the near future! 
What specific advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? 
People are critical to your business success. Surround yourself and hire people who challenge, uplift, and root for the business.