By True Moringa

Moringa Oil For Tattoo Care

With wellness and natural living invading the mainstream, we’re starting to see natural products catching on in some surprising industries, including popping up in tattoo parlors. It’s still not exactly common to find a tattoo artist that only uses vegan and non-toxic ink, but we can celebrate that we’re moving in the right direction by taking control of our tattoo aftercare using only the healthiest, natural ingredients.

When I started getting inked about a decade ago, I was told to use things like A&D and petroleum based products to aid the healing process. My first tattoo is still there and still pretty sharp, but it felt like it took ages for the scabbing and inflammation to calm down. I realize now that that’s because those thick, greasy products suffocate and smother your skin. Skin needs to breath on a good day, and it takes extra oxygen and aeration to heal a wound, which is basically what a tattoo is for the first couple of weeks.

Moringa oil on the other hand is light and easily absorbed by skin. It helps form that protective layer over your tattoo while still allowing for the flow of oxygen in and out.

Moringa oil actually covers pretty much all your bases for soothing damaged and sensitive skin. It is highly moisturizing and helps reduce scabbing and itching, but it also has incredible medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory and antibacterial elements that help sooth and prevent infection. The Vitamin E in moringa oil fights the formation of free radicals, which damage skin, so it even enhances the appearance of your tattoo by making the skin beneath brighter and more vibrant.

Replacing synthetic tattoo care products with natural ones is important because you want to boost your body’s own, natural regeneration process. Moringa oil is vegan, gentle, and mild on the skin. You’re basically just spreading a little of your own inner beauty on the outside, to help this new part of yourself assimilate and become an extension of your body.