By Emily Cunningham

Clean Beauty Expert Series: Skincare Routine for Busy Moms on the Go

Amanda Light is a mom of two and the creator of Prim & Propah, a lifestyle blog highlighting the best in green, clean and ethically sourced beauty, fashion and food for moms on the go. Follow her on instagram

Skin type: Combination

Since becoming a mother in 2014, using all natural and ethically sourced bath, beauty and body products has been an absolute must for my family whenever possible. Since I do all the shopping, it’s up to me to make sure that I’ve done my due diligence to ensure that the brands that I’m bringing into the home live up to my standards. A busy Mom can only do so much research before she settles into a routine of using tried and true products from respected brands in her arsenal. True Moringa is one of those brands that I now know and trust, so there isn’t even any question when using their products.

When it’s all said and done, I like to have products with me that I can use for a couple of different purposes because multi-tasking is pretty much an essential skill of the modern woman, especially those caring for young human beings. Why should my skincare products be any different? Self care is important whether at home or on the go, so having some basic products with me is a top priority. One of my best “mom tips” is to invest in little glass travel jars so that you can bring product anywhere without having to lug full sizes around and also makes sense since larger sizes are often more product for the price.

As for the products themselves, having an all purpose balm as a part of my routine and in my purse/diaper bag of choice is a must; being dry and itchy goes against my goals in this life. The True Moringa Universal Repair Balm is perfect for replenishing moisture to my skin (hands, elbows, random dry patches) and I love that it isn’t greasy (one of my pet peeves). It absorbs quickly and I can even use it on the kids, because hello, I love multi-tasking products that are safe for the family. I can grab a spoonful of repair balm, put it in my travel container and be on my way.

Body oil is another must have product in my routine. When it comes to a great body oil, I don’t use only one brand and type. I like to switch things up based on my mood, scents and the state of my skin on any given day. One of my favorite daytime oils is True Moringa’s Alive Body Oil. The lemongrass scent awakens the mind, well my mind, and is perfect in a rollerball for on the go application. It’s a great spot treatment for the face as well because Winter can be a beast to my skin and this fast absorbing oil is top notch. Again, I use a couple of different oils depending on the time of day/my skin/ my mood so if it isn’t True Moringa, there are a couple other New England brands that I love and support (Organic Bath Co and Thesis Beauty).

If we want to talk about my trifecta for keeping my body moisturized, in addition to all purpose balm and body oil then we’d have to talk about lip balms, of which I love many. There’s nothing worse than a chapped lip that you have nothing on hand for. I stock up so I can toss one of multiple in my bag for easy access. Some favorites that are worthy of praise are balms from Laughing Tree Organics, Mongo Kiss and Vapour Beauty.

With these three things in my bag, I know I’ll be set if I’m not at home base. Keeping my skin moisturized isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and I hope you know how important it is for you too, whether you’re a mother or not! Finding that right combination for your skin isn’t hard with a little trial and error. Find brands you trust with products that work!