By True Moringa

Brands that Give Back: Suspiro

We sat down with Veronica, founder of Suspiro - an Ecuadorian label that creates modern, long-lasting handwoven goods and fashion accessories. Their mission is to revive, empower and promote the hand-made and sustainable work of the textile artisans living in the Ecuadorian Andes. We're thrilled to wrap up our holiday Giving Back Giveaway with one of Suspiro's gorgeous makeup bags. Head on over to instagram to enter!  

Tell us about your work - what makes your company unique?

We are convinced that traditional crafting techniques and natural materials are critical to keeping the fashion industry sustainable and the environment healthy. We seek a simple and modern design that can go beyond trends and traditional concepts of ethnic or tribal. We thrive to create minimal, high quality, sustainable yet functional products that can be worn throughout the year.

How are you giving back this holiday season (can be personal or company-wide) 

My way to give back this season is to buy local or handmade products from other makers. Buying from small businesses means supporting a dream, a family, and even an entire community. 

Tell us about the product you're including in our giveaway 

The Martha Square Case is perfect to carry around our valuable little objects. It is made with handwoven wool and cotton fabric, and upcycled cotton lining. Our customers use it as a makeup case or toiletry bag. 

Favorite ethical brands? 

Definitely Patagonia and Elizabeth Suzann. There are very different companies in terms of style and size, but their mission, transparency, and strategy are both remarkable.

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

This is probably an advice that someone will find controversial, but I honestly think that your health and happiness are important and are first. Do not abandon yourself, your family, your community for an entrepreneurial project. Always devote time to your personal life, keep a work schedule and dot let the project absorb you. Try to find balance.