By True Moringa

Brands that Give Back: Kreyol Essence

We sat down with YveCar, founder of Kreyol Essence to learn more about her unique natural brand bringing Haitian Black Castor Oil to conscious consumers around the world. Read on for their story and enter week 3 of our Brands that Give Back Holiday Giveaway on instagram.

Tell us about your work - what makes your company unique?
Kreyol Essence (KE) brings natural + ethical beauty products from Haiti to the world. Our eco-friendly products are formulated with a special focus on dry hair and skin. As a social business, we are obsessed with creating sustainable jobs, protecting and conserving the island’s environment and empowering women. We promise that every purchase you make will have a positive and global impact.
How are you giving back this holiday season?
For us, giving is a year round endeavor. However my partner and I enjoy doing small things during the holidays like volunteering at a soup kitchen, buying ethical gifts from other social entrepreneurs and taking time spend with family and friends that support us as social entrepreneurs. It reminds us that both small and large efforts are important and have an impact.

Kreyol Essence Castor Oil

Tell us about the product you're including in our giveaway  
We are super excited to share our Haitian Black Castor Oil hair milk, our luxurious Vetiver Body Crème and our Lavender Haitian Black Castor Oil ($70 value). All of our products contain Haitian Black Castor Oil. Considered to be the Liquid Gold of the Caribbean, our 100% pure Haitian Black Castor Oil promotes thick, shiny and long hair. Loaded with omega fatty acids (3,6,9) and Vitamin E, our intense moisturizing oil also helps to promote growth and thicken eyebrows and eyelashes while soothing muscle aches, and fading stretch marks naturally.

We roast and gently crush the castor seeds, hand extract the oil and screen filter without refining. This ensures the retention of up to 90% Ricinoleic acid, delivering the oil’s intense healing and moisturizing properties. No other oil has this composition. Sustainably harvested from farms in Haiti, our 100% natural Haitian Black Castor Oil (also known as lwil maskriti, palma chrisiti or l’huile de ricin) has been used in Haiti for centuries for beauty and medicinal purposes. In Haiti, the elders use a traditional hand processing method that includes roasting, grinding, and cooking the castor seeds. The oil is then screen filtered without refining.  Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil boasts an endless number of beauty benefits because of this processing.
Favorite ethical brands?  
We heart Zesaraw, Myabel, Askanya , The 7 Virtues, Eugenia Shea, Stella Jean and Thundress 
Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 
Just start.  Stop dreaming about the person you can become and wake up and be that entrepreneur.

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