By True Moringa

Brands That Give Back: Kazi

We sat down with Alicia, founder of Kazi to learn more about their work in rural communities. Read on for their story and enter week 2 of our Brands that Give Back Holiday Giveaway on instagram 

Tell us about your work - what makes your company unique?
We’re breaking the model of artisan crafted, and creating high volume products made by hand that meet the needs of large scale partners around the globe.  This is where we see the biggest and greatest impact returned in rural African countries, consistent work, year round with a large demand for their products.

How are you giving back this holiday season?
We’re creating thousands of gifts that will be opened this season that are ethically sourced, creating livelihoods and helping the environment by using all natural materials.

Tell us about the product you're including in our giveaway 
Our Large Bowl is given as a traditional gift in Rwanda – locals stuff it full of their valuables like fruits and vegetables and give them to friends and loved ones. Each basket takes 2-3 days to make and increases a woman’s income in rural Rwanda by 400% compared to alternative employment options.

Any funny stories to share from your early startup days? 
Once we asked to be taken to the FOREX to exchange our money, and someone drove us to the FOREST.  And they had no idea why we would want to be among the trees, but they trusted that’s what we requested…

Favorite ethical brands? 
We love Yellow leaf Hammocks, Someone Somewhere and True Moringa!

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 
Perseverance isn’t easy, but if you’re strong and can power through, it will pay off both for your business and more, it will build your character.  That means it’s going to get really hard, and impossible, and you’ll feel like giving up 1,000 times and can’t.  Once you start slowly finding success and progress, it makes all of the lessons learned when you were scrappy so valuable.
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