By True Moringa

Brands that Give Back: Eu'Genia Shea

We sat down with Naa-Sakle, co-founder of Eu'Genia Shea to learn more about their work in Ghana and their gorgeous pure shea inspired products. Read on for their story and enter week 2 of our Giving Back Giveaway on Instagram. Round out your holiday shopping with 10% off at with code 'MoringaConnect'
Tell us about your work - what makes your company unique?
The more shea butter the better, but not all shea is created equally. All of our products have at most five ingredients including 90% shea content sourced directly from our organically trained and sustainably paid pickers in northern Ghana. 
How are you giving back this holiday season?
As always, 15% of Eu'Genia profits are returned to our processors in the form of an education fund for their children. 
Tell us about the product you're including in our giveaway 
We designed this product to combine the beneficial qualities of raw shea butter with the ease of use of traditional body creams. Want to send a gift, but not sure which of our products to choose?  Why not try them all? Eu'Genia gift packs offer one each of our 2oz Lavender, Grapefruit, No Fragrance Added and 100% Raw Shea Butter.
Any funny stories to share from your early startup days? 
Still trying to forget that one time boxes containing 5 tons of shea butter blocked all the traffic on my block... 
Favorite ethical brands? 
Kreyol Essence and Thrive Causemetics 
Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? 
Don't take silence as an answer -- sometimes people are just busy!