By True Moringa

Pharmaca Clean Beauty Expert: Serena Quihuis

We're thrilled to announce that you can find True Moringa in Pharmaca stores nationwide! Pharmaca aligns so closely with our values - selling products with the highest quality ingredients from brands that focus on transparency, sustainability and natural sourcing. We sat down with clean beauty experts and estheticians from Pharmaca locations around the country to bring you their favorite clean beauty tips. First up, meet Serena Quihuis from Pharmaca Monterey:

Tell us about your skincare routine! 

I spray my face with thermal water in the morning before I cleanse, then I tone with a rose water/witch hazel combo and follow up with Vitamin C serum , brightening eye gel and Hydrating day cream. At night I spray again with thermal water, cleanse, skip the toner and use a retinol eye cream and soothing rose night cream. I also like to do a mask twice a week and exfoliate twice a week. Simple but effective!

What's your favorite skincare tip?

I love using thermal water spray! It softens, soothes, and moisturizes the skin and I notice a difference in how the other products absorb so much better when I use the spray first. It is also great to set makeup with!

How did you get interested in natural beauty?

I never really paid much attention to my skin or have any kind of beauty routine until I started working for Pharmaca. After trying different products and finding what works for me, beauty and skincare have become a hobby!

Have you used moringa oil before trying True Moringa?

I have never used moringa oil but I have taken moringa as a supplement and I know all the great benefits it provides. I am excited to see what it does for the skin and beauty outside.

What do you love about Pharmaca?

I love Pharmaca for many reasons but what stands out is our products and our customer service. We have so many great brands that share the same moral and lifestyle choices, it is easy to promote product you love! Our staff is incredibly unique- we have team members who all have different backgrounds and specialties (from estheticians, aromatherapists, nutritionists), and we all work together to find the right fit in product for our customers.

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