By Nwadiogo Quartey-Ngwube

Moringa Bath Tea Bags: How & Why

Bath tea bags are an incredibly easy and quick way to pamper yourself. Here’s a recipe for Moringa bath tea bags for a relaxing start to your day (or night-in).

Bath Tea Recipe: Moringa Tea

You’ll need:

  • Epsom Salts
  • Moringa oil
  • Dried Lavender
  • Dried Peppermint
  • Muslin bag, cheese cloth or white cotton (3x5) that ties at the top

Take your Moringa oil and drop several drops of it into a jar of Epsom Salt. Mix well and seal the jar tight. Leave it overnight. You’ll need the salts to make the bath tea.

Once your Moringa infused Epsom salts are ready, fill half of your bag with it. Fill the remaining half with a quarter bag of Lavender and another quarter bag of Peppermint. Tie it up. It’s ready to be used!

It’s Tea Time

Get your muslin bag, cheese cloth or white cotton filled with your ingredients and tie it over your tap, letting the water run over it just like you’d make a regular cup of tea.

I don’t recommend you soaking the tea bags directly in bath. Even though herbs are healthy to use, they are very powerful ingredients. It’s possible to use too much. Expect your water to change colour slightly but if the water turns a bright colour it’s likely your water is overly concentrated. Strong teas for breakfast, light teas for tea baths.

How Your Bath Tea Will Help

Moringa oil will not only help your skin look brighter and feel more smooth, it will help in your skin’s healing with it’s anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. While the Moringa works on your skin the Epsom salts will help you relax drawing away aches, pains and cramps from your body. The Lavender gives the bath a great scent and will help you get rid of any anxieties. Peppermint will help improve blood circulation and add a kick to your tea bath.


Relax! You deserve it.