By Carson Ross

Million Moringa Tree Campaign

Happy Earth Day everyone!!

In honor of this most special of holidays, we’re kicking off a campaign to plant One Million Moringa Trees!

For every purchase made through, from today until the end of 2017, we’re going to plant a moringa tree in the name of each one of our customers.

Many of you have already experienced the incredible benefits of nutrient-packed moringa oil for your skin and bodies. Now you’ll have the chance to directly impact communities in Ghana, as each tree planted will help improve the local environment, mitigate climate change, increase nutrition, and generate income for farmers and farming families.

We spoke to some of our dedicated growers about the role moringa has played in their lives. Akosua Krah (pictured above) responded,

“I want to show everyone how great moringa is. This crop is helping me take care of my children, so that in the future they’ll be able to care for me too. Everyone in the community should be farming moringa. We will benefit from it, and our grandchildren will benefit as well.”

Since 2012, we’ve planted more than 300,000 moringa trees in Ghana—but this year we’re upping the ante. Over the next several months we’re going to build the largest certified organic moringa farm in all of Africa. It's going to be a space where people can learn about organic, sustainable agriculture, and see for themselves how thoughtful farming practices benefit the soil and surrounding environment.

The space will provide employment opportunities as well as a low-cost nutritional food source for community members and their families. 

Earth Day only comes around once a year, but collectively we can make the effects last forever by consciously making decisions that are not only good for ourselves, but are good for the Earth, and all the people in it, even those we don't come into contact with directly. 

Next time you purchase a True Moringa product, remember you're bringing us one tree closer to our Million Moringa goal!