By Emily Cunningham

Finally, An End To Razor Bumps

Here's a personal question… Are you a shaver or a waxer?

I happen to love going au-naturel—there’s nothing quite like feeling the breeze in your leg hair—but after a month or two I definitely crave that silky smooth touch. Unfortunately, as someone with super sensitive skin, it can be more pain than it’s worth to shave, wax, thread, or whatever else people are coming up with these days. (My experimenting has stopped short of laser treatment… I just don’t have $300 a month to spend on smooth legs!)

I’ve tried just about every kind of aftershave, including both natural and chemical based products. Ultimately, I’ve found (like most things in life) that simple is just better.

I started rubbing moringa oil on my skin as a moisturizer and decided to try it as an aftershave as well. When you think about it, moringa oil does everything you need from an aftershave.

Your post-hair removal treatment should be threefold:

1 – You want something that is antibacterial and antiseptic to clean out any cuts or tears caused by waxing and shaving and to unclog your pores, which will be left wide open (especially after hair follicles are removed during waxing).

2 – It should be anti-inflammatory, to soothe your raw skin and help pores shrink back to their normal size.

3 – It needs to be highly moisturizing, or else your skin will get flakey and irritated.

Traditional aftershaves are usually alcohol-based, which may be great at killing bacteria, but they will dry out your skin and sting like crazy in the process. Most aftershaves are also packed full of chemical-based fragrances that irritate raw skin. Moringa oil, on the other hand, is naturally antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. It’s highly lubricating to soothe, and light enough that it won’t clog your pores, causing bumps and ingrown hairs to form.

I usually stick with the Simplicity body oil right after hair treatment, because, like I mentioned, my skin is extremely sensitive. A day or two after shaving or waxing I find it’s totally fine to switch to a scented version.

It's also great for men! My boyfriend uses it after shaving and loves (ahem, we both love) how smooth it makes his face feel.

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