Don’t Buy Expensive Products, Make Them!

With thousands of natural beauty products on the market today, sorting through them all and finding the right one can be quite overwhelming. Not to mention, the price tags on various products can be highly discouraging. What if, instead of buying expensive natural products, you could make them yourself? Well, you can! Starting with a bottle of Moringa Oil, which has many, if not more, health benefits than other natural oils found in the beauty industry, there are a plethora of recipes for natural beauty products that you can make right at home! We have put together a few DIY recipes for you to try out!

All-Purpose Exfoliation Scrub

  • Mix ratio - 1 Organic Cane Sugar : 1 Moringa Oil : 1 Coconut Oil
  • Combine ingredients in a 1:1:1 ratio and apply to targeted area in circular motions
  • Retail Price: ~$35   Homemade Price: ~15 (depending on ratios quantity)

Eyelash Strengthening Serum

  • Mix - 1 tsp Castor Oil and 1 tsp Moringa Oil
  • Combine oils. Using fingertips, gently massage small amounts of the mixture to base of eyelashes until all lashes are covered including the tips.
  • Retail Price: ~$50  Homemade Price: ~$8

Lip Balm

  • Mix - 1 tbsp Coconut Oil, 1 tbsp Beeswax, 1 tbsp Shea Butter, 10 drops of Moringa Oil
  • Combine ingredients and melt in small container over low heat (recommended: boiling water). Stir heated ingredients and pour into container. Allow mixture to cool for several hours until hardened. To customize the lip balm, try adding drops of various essential oils for scents
  • Retail Price: ~$10  Homemade Price: ~$4

Moisturizing Skin Toner

  • Mix - 1 tbsp Coconut Oil, 2 tsp Moringa Oil, 1 cup Witch Hazel
  • Combine ingredients and store in sterile bottle. Apply to face morning and night to tone and moisturize skin.
  • Retail Price: $35  Homemade Price: ~$7

Anti Aging Serum

  • Mix - 1 Tbsp Green Tea Liquid Extract, 1 tbsp Moringa Oil
  • Gently rub 3 drops of mixture in palm of hands and apply directly to clean face.
  • Retail Price: ~75  Homemade Price: ~10

Homemade recipes are a lot of fun to make and a great way to save money. Do not be fooled by the flashy, high priced products in the stores. Homemade recipes can have powerful results and cost a quarter of the price. As a bonus, you can customize your homemade recipes with various essential oils to add your favorite scent!

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