By Nwadiogo Quartey-Ngwube

DIY Pedicure Tips and Tricks

Summer is upon us! The weather is getting hotter and it’s time to get your toes out. Here are a few things you can do at home yourself to prep your feet for the great weather ahead!


Start off by soaking your feet in a basin or bathtub. Use your favorite soap and warm water. We recommend our True Moringa Bath Soak. Relax and keep your feet soaking for five minutes. It will get your feet nice and soft.


Scrub away those dead skin cells! We broke down the Dos and Dont’s for Exfoliating, so check those out for more detailed tips for this part. If you don’t have any foot scrubs, you can quickly make one by mixing our True Moringa All Purpose Oil with sugar or salt. Pay extra attention to your heels as you scrub away. Then Rinse off the scrub and pat your feet dry.

Cuticle Care

Take your cuticle oil (you can use our True Moringa All Purpose Oil for this too) and massage it into your cuticles. Use a cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles and clean under your nails.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for - color! But before you start applying your nail polish you’ll want to use a little acetone-free nail polish remover to clean off the oil on your nails from the soaking, exfoliating and cuticle care.

Apply one coat of your base coat to your nails before adding your color. Apply two thin layers of color. Let the first layer dry before adding the second. Finish off your polish by adding a top coat to seal the deal.


Gently wobble to the nearest chair or sofa and relax while you wait for your polish to dry. When your nails are completely dry moisturize your feet with something special. We recommend our Ultra Light Whipped Body Butter.


Your toes are now summer ready. You're welcome.