By Emily Cunningham

Clean Beauty Expert Series: My Zero Waste Beauty Routine

Cameron Bruns is the author of two blogs - Just Us Gals and Boston Green Blog where she shares her passion for conscious living and entrepreneurship. Her goal is to promote ethical, stylish, and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Many of us choose nontoxic beauty products for health reasons (and because they are effective), but some of these brands, like True Moringa, also help protect the planet. Further their positive environmental impact by making your daily beauty routine even greener at home. These steps will help you save money and maintain a healthy lifestyle - a win for you and the Earth!

1. Shop with an eye for packaging

If you can help it, try to avoid cosmetics and personal care products with excess packaging. Extra boxes, polystyrene and plastic wrap often serve minimal purpose and are mainly there for their marketing value. Instead, opt for items that you can buy in bulk or in reusable packaging. Also take a look at the packaging materials of the product you buy - take note of companies that use recycled materials.

2. Use facecloths and reusable makeup remover pads

Taking off makeup and washing your face is something you do everyday, so don’t rely on disposables like paper towels, cotton balls or face wipes because the waste adds up quickly. Instead, try a good old fashioned washcloth and invest in some reusable makeup remover pads. My favorite are the SW Basics Eco Cotton Rounds, which are GOTS certified organic and come with a little laundry bag!

3. Put a recycling receptacle in your bathroom + bedroom

Everytime products like shampoo run out, do you really want to head all the way back to the kitchen to properly recycle the container? Make it easy for yourself to do the right thing by putting a small recycling receptacle everywhere in the house that you have a waste basket. Before you know it, you’ll be recycling far more than you’re throwing out.

4. Look for packaging takeback programs

Some cosmetics brands offer discounts and sometimes even free product if you bring empty packages back to them. This allows the company to properly recycle or reuse packaging while also benefiting you with some new goodies!

5. Use a “Capsule” mindset

It might seem obvious, but, don’t buy products you don’t need. Many of us natural beauty enthusiasts refer to ourselves as “product junkies,” but it is wasteful to keep products that will never be used or that aren’t right for your skin type. Find a beauty routine that works for you, preferably a simple one, and stick to it. Your trash bin and your skin will thank you!