By Nwadiogo Quartey-Ngwube

5 Hygiene Habits That Can Help Clear Your Skin

Temperamental skin might be hereditary but there are some basic hygiene tasks that can help keep breakouts away. Here are some chores and grooming habits you shouldn’t take for granted in your skin care regimen.

Clean Towels

Your seemingly clean towel can end up collecting a lot of dirt, dust, oils and dead skin cells. Couple that collection with repeated dampness and you may have created a haven for bacteria to thrive. Now imagine all of that on your face. Yes, ewww. Bacteria can be transferred from your towel to your face and cause breakouts. Even if your towels look clean, change them often to reduce your chance of breakouts being caused by your towels. If you can, change your face towels daily.

Separate Face Towel

Okay, your towel may be clean but you may still want to go that step further and have a separate towel for your face that you don’t use on your body. Imagine the body parts you use your towel on and then question if you’d want to rub those parts on your face. Yeah, we thought not. You probably don’t want the bacteria from those body parts on your face either.

Clean Bedding

Similar to the reasoning behind having clean towels, your face will be in direct contact with your pillowcases (and if you sleep rough your sheets) for a few hours. You don’t want to marinade your face in all the hair product residue on your bedding, sweat and any other things you can think to add to the list. You can cheat a little by changing your pillowcases daily but overall make sure you change those sheets! If you don’t have a night time routine of washing your face and/or showering/bathing imagine all the dirt you came in contact with today in your bedding and eventually on your face.

Wash Your Hands

Your hands touch so many things during the day and then you touch your face. If your hands are not clean you have no idea what you may have transferred to your skin that could cause the next breakout. We’re not suggesting extreme hand-washing but consider being mindful of washing your hands after being in public places like the bathroom and public transportation. The more germs you can keep away from your face the better.

Clean Nails

A cheeky follow up to keeping your hands clean is your nails especially if you like a good scratch now and then. It’s all about preventing the spread of germs. Use a nail brush if you’re having problems keeping them clean. Your face may thank you.