By Emily Cunningham


The Truth About “All Natural” or “Paraben Free” Labels on Your Cosmetics

It’s no secret: your skin is your largest organ, and one of the most essential organs when it comes to detoxifying your body. 

Considering that anything you put on your body can easily end up in your body, the ingredients of your daily cosmetics are just as important as what you eat. 

Ingredients like parabens (among so many others) have been linked to different health issues such as hormonal imbalances, reproductive disorders, organ system toxicity, allergies and even cancer. 

Granted, our bodies are designed to deal with things that don’t belong and get rid of them but clogging our skin with chemicals can slow this elimination process and allow them to linger around longer.

So “Paraben Free” labels are good for us, right?

It depends. Naturally, with all the buzz around chemicals, particularly parabens being linked to serious health issues and being found in cancerous breast tissues, many companies are now changing formulas claiming they are ‘all natural’ and ‘paraben free’ but are not actually much safer.  

This is because not everything paraben-free is a safe alternative; it could just be that other chemical preservatives are used instead.  

What about “All Natural” labels? That definitely sounds good! 

‘Natural,’ according to the FDA, is not defined. Meaning, its meaning is really up to the cosmetic company. It could mean anything! 

Not all labels are inaccurate. Here’s how to tell the difference between quality ingredients and questionable ones: 

Before you buy - read the labels on the back of the product carefully and identify key ‘red flags’ as well as the order of ingredients listed (the first few ingredients are the most predominant in the product.) Try to find products with a more simple ingredient list. The fewer the chemicals, the better!

It is also important to remember that we are all unique in the way we absorb and digest. Some people might be more sensitive to these effects than others –so just because you use a product with chemicals doesn’t mean you will automatically have health issues (however for some, that might be the case). 

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