By Emily Cunningham


The following is a guest blog by Emma Strachman. Emma is a freelance makeup artist for print, film and commercials in NYC. Check out her work here: website // IMDB

I was introduced to True Moringa at the most perfect time. Emily and Kwami, the co-founders of the line, were sitting in front of me about to get their hair and makeup touched up for a press photo at the Echoing Green Fellowship Event. Emily passed me a bottle of her product and I began smoothing it through her curls, concentrating the oil at the ends of her hair. “What a gorgeous product,” I thought, as we chatted about our fondness of oils and how they’re popping up everywhere in the health and beauty industry. I’m a makeup artist and product enthusiast, so I was pretty surprised that I had never even heard about Moringa oil. Emily explained that Moringa trees are grown in Ghana, and the antioxidant rich seeds produce some of the finest cosmetic oil in the world. That got my attention. She then went on to tell me how the “miracle tree” was providing a stable source of income and nutrition to the smallholder farmers of Ghana. Amazing. Emily and Kwami let me take home a bottle of True Moringa that day.

What I love about oils is that they embody the purest form of moisture and can be used alone or mixed in with any other favorite items. Using oils is one of the simplest and most effective ways to provide moisture to the hair and skin without feeling extra greasy. Unlike mineral oil, pure cold pressed oil mimics the essential fatty acids that are naturally found in the skin and hair. This is why True Moringa feels so luxurious after it’s applied. Alone, it absorbs quickly and plumps the skin giving it a more youthful texture and finish. Skin looks optimal in person and on camera. My preferred method is to mix in a couple drops of oil with my body moisturizer to make the texture thinner and more emollient. A couple drops of True Moringa can make any lotion or potion work much better. 

True Moringa is now a part of my personal beauty routine. I use it after I shave or wax and after sun exposure to replenish lost moisture and on the ends of my hair and eyelashes to prevent breakage. It can also replace your name brand cuticle oil if you find your nails take a beating at work like I do. When I’m on set, I use Moringa oil as an extra gentle makeup remover to break down waterproof eye makeup. It removes makeup and moisturizes the delicate eye area at the same time, reducing the amount of time an actor has to sit in my chair (a win-win for all). True Moringa has been a lovely addition to my makeup kit, and I cannot wait to see what benefits it holds as we move into colder weather.