By True Moringa

How 3 of Our Brand Partners Use True Moringa Oil

When Erika Rodriguez was looking for an oil to complete Axiology’s ingredient deck for its hydrating lip crayon, she realized moringa oil checked all the boxes.  It would help guide the crayon’s colorant. Its linoleic acid would keep lips soft and supple. And, when buying from True Moringa, she was assured that the oil would be ethically and transparently produced.  It was a clear win-win.

You may have heard of this ancient, yet “up and coming”, alternative to clean beauty staples like argan, jojoba, and coconut oil.  But, what exactly is the appeal?  And how can you incorporate it into your existing (or new!) products?

Great questions!  And we’re here with some examples that will help answer them.

Moringa oil makes bathtime more indulgent

Our friends at Pacha Soap discovered the magic of moringa oil years ago.  Today, it’s a key ingredient in their Whipped Soap + Scrub.  High in oleic acid (present at a concentration of 71.8%), moringa oil increases skin’s permeability, aiding in the repair of dry or damaged skin.  When we chatted with Pacha Soap co-founder Abi Vrbas about customers using her moringa-powdered products, she confirmed that their “skin will thank them”!

Moringa oil makes lippies lighter and more nourishing

When formulating cosmetics, we know that lightness is essential!  The presence of long chained hydrocarbons like arachidic, ecopmsonic, behenic, erucic, and lignoceric acids in our moringa oil will give your beauty products a unique, lightweight feel.  This lightness was part of the appeal for Axiology’s founder, Erika.  It’s low spread value (15.5%) - allowing her lip color to stay exactly where her customers put it - and low, natural scent, were icing on the cake!

Moringa oil keeps faces glowing and moisturized 

Finally, moringa oil is an excellent addition to any and all skincare products.  We were ecstatic when Pholk Beauty - a brand founded on the beauty secrets of the African Diaspora - reached out to us to incorporate our moringa oil into one of their products.  The result was a nutrient-rich, youth-boosting serum: Rose Gardenia SkinNectar!  Designed for dry, dull, or sensitive skin, this facial oil is rich in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, collagen, and vitamins A, C, and E due to its use of moringa oil. 

We hope these three examples help illustrate the many ways moringa oil can be incorporated into your products, helping your customers feel silky smooth from head to toe!

Still have questions about how moringa oil can help your products punch above their weight?  We’d love to hear from you!  Please shoot us a note at