Stocking Stuffer Bundle - True Moringa


Stocking Stuffer Bundle


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The best little holiday bundle under $25! Treats for your secret Santa, favorite teacher, and all the stockings you need to stuff.  

What's Inside: 

Elements Truffles Maple Toffee & Moringa Bar Brittle meets creamy texture with sweet caramel notes. Maple syrup toffee squarely complements the texture and taste of cacao. A perfect treat to uplift your mood on a tough day.

Moonlight Lip Whip - Naturally colored and flavored  for a lasting hint of color, shimmer and moisture - perfect for holiday parties.

Tranquility (Moringa + Lavender) 5ml Roller - A little tranquillity and a lot of moisture on the go! Our bestselling oil serum in a roll-on bottle.